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"Calm, balanced, amazed, pleasantly rewarding, neck alignment, very energized, relaxed and pleasant, exhilaratingly calm with general well-being.”


“A most pleasurable sense of contentment”.


"I came to you as a skeptic, one who NEVER sits still and someone who can’t close their eyes for more than one minute. And yet, here I was in your Sonique session, lying still for 40 minutes with my eyes closed (and not talking – a feat in itself!!!).

And what an amazing experience it was – so profound it is difficult to put into words.


The best description I can come up with is that I felt as if I was a Dolphin, swimming and playing in beautiful warm waters as beams of beautiful coloured light entered my body and seemed to spread peace and tranquility.

Pauline Clayton (Gold Coast)”


“Wow, total indulgence, transformational, felt one with the universe.”


"Very meditative like the movie “Contact”. I was OK to Go! and it was very much an “inner space” trip. My arms felt very warm and energised. It was a most blissful experience. I “went out” a couple of times. Jeremy Shaw (NZ)


“Still, calm, and left seated with a feeling of alignment”.


“Definitely more relaxed, energised, and as if a few unnecessary burdens of daily clutter emptied into the light”.


Dear Bruce,

About your session.

I found the whole session quite amazing. Within a few minutes I found myself dropping in to a deep state of relaxation, while I was still aware of the fact that I was at the Health and healing fair. I noticed a very deep meditation state.


I have practiced meditation on and off since the early 1980's and have had many, many experiences of it. This session was particularly deep and the effects seemed to stay with me for about 3 weeks to a month. In a way it was like rediscovering my own paradise.


Though I always knew it was there I haven't been there so clearly and in such a relaxed state for a long time. As any meditation knows we don't really meditate for the experience as such, rather the state of peace and awareness that it brings. Well, there was a definite experience with the Biotuner, it was deep, very relaxing, beautiful and border line profound. I could actually feel the energy centres in my body somehow freeing up, releasing old stuff and coming back into alignment somehow, though I don't understand it. The clear memory of this experience is with me still.


I feel confident in recommending Bruce's Biotuner to anyone who needs some peace and relaxation and who wants an experience of being drawn back to their centre of balance.


Of course we are all different and on a bad day I'm sure my mind could block almost any thing so I would recommend just to sit back and watch the breath and lets any thoughts go, just keep letting them go.


Thanks again, David Kyd.


I loved the music. The initial piece helped me to relax and move into a very gentle space. The session helped me to completely release what was still held in my heart chakra, and know my present life experience in meditation.

The meditation helped me to re-connect with many aspects of who I AM. While this was playing, I experienced being completely aware of what was happening to my body. At the time, I felt pain releasing especially in my left side of the body. (I understood this to be a release of contracted energy lodged on the left side).


The other experience of course becomes hard to describe in words - my consciousness was in space, formless and experiencing what I perceive to be "I AM". (Gold Coast)

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