The flooding out of my session room this year was a necessary prelude for what will happen next in my journey. I will be building a light, sound, and sacred geometry unit (S2) that will be housed in a mobile trailer, so that I can travel and take it to other places, talk to people, and be involved in their transformation and consciousness change, if they choose to make it.

We are now living in a world of unpredictability. Our day today, and sometimes hour to hour lives can change very quickly. Living in this time and relating to just the mind is not going to deliver an experience that is stress free, joyful, and expansive. A more heart based anchor is required, so that upstairs guidance is always available for decisions.

The planetary weather alone is just one of a number of huge challenges we face day to day, evidence from around the world staggering to behold. Our best option is to work together as One, in sharing from the heart that common consciousness which supports community. Separation will not work anymore in climate disaster situations, and everyone will need to help others in a common goal. The opposite of this is evidenced in looting, where the selfishness is still rampant.

One speaker I listened to recently emphasized that we waste considerable time in just thinking and analysing, rather than just forging ahead and doing-being the experience. I am guilty of this, but must not be the vent of self judgement, instead just get on with it. Perseverance and forbearance are to be applauded and rewarded in eventual change in experience.

Presenting oneself each day in surrendering to meditation, same space, regular time where available, helps heaps. Your higher self then is connected regular to your life and the associated guidance lends a hand for right action.

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