If the Heart is in charge of your reality, and tells the mind, as a tool, what to do based on the “higher reality” of Being-Awareness-Bliss, life is just so much more joyful. Otherwise, if you take unconscious direction from the mind, in limitation, separation, judgement, and general fear, anger, and grief, “reality” can become a nightmare.

Meditation is so good at making you aware of yourself in essence, so that when you reflect back after your daily routine, there is a sense of the Truth that is pervading. That is the Truth of “You are not your mind”!

Your mind will fight you at every turn and opportunity though, and so your awareness should be on guard for any feelings of contraction and fear. If there is fear around a decision, then it is most likely that it is contracted awareness, to be wary of.

If however, a decision can be weighed against the question of “what would Love do”, and you are coming from a balanced perspective, in the flow of life, and you are not fearful, then the Heart is responsible.

Carl Jung (psychiatrist) was way ahead of his time, and picked up from his clients that there was an “unconscious archetype” coming through en mass, that of Siegfried. This warrior archetype washed through the German people and eventually led to World War 2. Despite all his warnings to authorities, it was to no avail, since the collective consciousness was unaware, and in denial of such suggestions. If enough people were aware, it might have been a different story, a different choice.

So in a way, there is a constant war being fought in human experience, that of mind versus Heart. When the Heart wins, we all win, because our family “gets it” in a subtle fashion from the One conscious awareness we are all connected to.

There is only One language, the language of the Heart.


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