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Every so often, circumstances revolve around to where you started from again. There are many songs that have been recorded about this process that play on the sound stream. “The Circle Game” – Joni Mitchell, for example.

The thing is though, is it a vibration different from the last time? Everything goes around and comes around – the popular phrase. What is feeling different? Are we arriving at the starting of the race again, ready for the gun to sound off, and charge off in your “human race” feeling different and energized, or is it “same old same old”?

Is there is a change in what you feel that makes the human race more interesting, invigorating, engaging, sparkling, and enjoyable overall?

Sometimes, it is even beyond what your own mind will reflect to you, in my experience that is. What happens with me is also available in all, as one consciousness. It is amazing to listen to what other people have to say when they look at you and remark statements that you may have no external reference for. In some respects, you feel internally what has shifted, but the external reflections that others pick up on have good validity as to the results of your prior journey. People see differently and reflect likewise, aspects of you that have changed, despite yourself.

When there are a number of such “reports” that come to your ears, can you not ignore the common denominator of that truth telling you? This does not have to mean anything to your ego, as it is evolution in action, of the effects of your subtle energetic. All human beings have access, according to the generally unknown time scale of events on the “journeys” undertaken, in this lifetime, or in past lifetimes.

Everything is appropriate, everything matters, but nothing really does. The paradoxical surrender to the human experience. We are the observers.

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