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It is very interesting to see friends who are going through emotional hard times, knowing what is possible for their release, if they would relax into the process. Saying this is easy (sorry, writing), in reference to my own transformations, and the corresponding experience of being lighter and more joyful in general. And so, what […]


  It is always a blessing to get verification from your higher self, of the changes one has been through. One of the ways I have been able to receive such information is through dreams. Ultimately, the Transformation towards unconditional love is much more important than the Information available to the mind. On the Sunday […]


Sometimes life transformation comes up just like a flood, a force that has to be faced head-on in the moment. The Murwillumbah flooding that I am still dealing with physically, in terns of throwing out, washing and cleaning, drying with fans and heaters, takes a lot of energy, and the mess that is around is […]


In the part of the world where I live, Australia, down the East coast for about 1300km, we have experienced a cyclone. Tremendous volumes of water beating the last benchmarks for flooding in 1974, plus wind demolition, damaged the population’s houses and businesses totally or partially. Such dramatic events always set us up for choice, […]


The last of the five human values is non-violence, not a lot of it in the world at present, according to what the mainstream media presents daily? The Heart never condones violence, and a person who runs his or her life accordingly, from an inner “knowing”, that all is One, would not go there. Of […]


The most profoundly and powerful energy of the Universe, especially when it personally demolishes your human world to your mind’s eye. Once affected, you are never the same. It connects with the other 4 human values integrally, almost as if they are properties of Love. Love comes only through Truth, in that it looks for […]


PEACE   It is easy to be peaceful in the protected space of Sacred Geometry, part of a Soniques session. All the elements are in place for releasing of the stress you are carrying up front. The Light focused on your major meridians allows them to open and dilate and expand their energy, unblocking. The […]


Right Action always has an association to conscience. Your conscience is that which sets human beings apart from animals, in that they are able to discriminate their decisions before doing actions. There is always a “little voice” that will prompt us internally whether an action is appropriate or not. Animals do not have this discrimination […]


This is my friend Kim, who is a spiritual artist, and exceptional as an instrument of the divine in painting in a variety of modalities. (Sorry about lack of face detail, but the sun was fairly low then and the trees were swaying to and fro). After her first Sonique session with me, she did […]


Of the five human values, TRUTH is utterly paramount. Truth can never be a politician’s truth, changeable according to the political climate, but must be UN-CHANGEABLE. It is truth when it is rock solid like a ship’s anchor, holding firm against the tide and movement of the water. One of the truth’s about life is […]


"Calm, balanced, amazed, pleasantly rewarding, neck alignment, very energized, relaxed and pleasant, exhilaratingly calm with general well-being.”


“A most pleasurable sense of contentment”.


"I came to you as a skeptic, one who NEVER sits still and someone who can’t close their eyes for more than one minute. And yet, here I was in your Sonique session, lying still for 40 minutes with my eyes closed (and not talking – a feat in itself!!!).

And what an amazing experience it was – so profound it is difficult to put into words.


The best description I can come up with is that I felt as if I was a Dolphin, swimming and playing in beautiful warm waters as beams of beautiful coloured light entered my body and seemed to spread peace and tranquility.

Pauline Clayton (Gold Coast)”


“I felt quite removed from the everyday world outside & cocooned in a very private space, felt deeply relaxed and centered, this feeling maintained through the next day.”

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