It’s been quite a while since I have been able to offer Light Sound and Sacred Geometry sessions, but since I am now advised that I will not be flooded here, I have set up and tested ready. Avail yourself of this unique stress buster in a safe place, let go, and enjoy the benefits. […]


It will take some time to re-set the elements of the S1 system. I was offered a caravan style mobile environment which needed to be totally stripped down and rebuilt, but it is viewed as too costly an option. I have it on good authority that the weather forecast in relation to getting flooded out […]


The body may annoy you with its changes, or you may be intrigued with observing what occurs? Late last year in November, I took my boots off after a long day/night event in the Stardust auditorium, and found that I had stereo large blisters behind the nail of both big toes!! Yes, kinda big orange […]


Some time ago I did a post entitled “Formless”, also with subsequent posts. The experience occurred in 1994. Recently, I was wondering about it in terms of its “publication permissions”, similar as analogy to a computer file having security permissions for read/write, access etc. I was able to fully express it vocally just once, without […]


Every so often, circumstances revolve around to where you started from again. There are many songs that have been recorded about this process that play on the sound stream. “The Circle Game” – Joni Mitchell, for example. The thing is though, is it a vibration different from the last time? Everything goes around and comes […]


The flooding out of my session room this year was a necessary prelude for what will happen next in my journey. I will be building a light, sound, and sacred geometry unit (S2) that will be housed in a mobile trailer, so that I can travel and take it to other places, talk to people, […]


It’s time for a break. Things are slowing down, dragging, and even stopping. The world teacher arrives next week and as usual the world fragments, so there’s just you and the moment. Normal “reality” is not. Eventually I will  post again when I am able. Gratitude. Share: Tweet


  It is paramount that the physical body is kept in as good a state as possible, so that the life journey has the best chance of success. You may not be the body, but it does house your being, and carries it on the planet for your allotted lifespan. If you just go with […]


If the Heart is in charge of your reality, and tells the mind, as a tool, what to do based on the “higher reality” of Being-Awareness-Bliss, life is just so much more joyful. Otherwise, if you take unconscious direction from the mind, in limitation, separation, judgement, and general fear, anger, and grief, “reality” can become […]


The mind is a terrible master to be in charge of your life. Of course it can be a great tool, positive or negative, doing it’s job relative to who or what wields it. As a life master though, not appropriate, and of course we are always at choice. The alternative is to come from […]


"Calm, balanced, amazed, pleasantly rewarding, neck alignment, very energized, relaxed and pleasant, exhilaratingly calm with general well-being.”


“A most pleasurable sense of contentment”.


"I came to you as a skeptic, one who NEVER sits still and someone who can’t close their eyes for more than one minute. And yet, here I was in your Sonique session, lying still for 40 minutes with my eyes closed (and not talking – a feat in itself!!!).

And what an amazing experience it was – so profound it is difficult to put into words.


The best description I can come up with is that I felt as if I was a Dolphin, swimming and playing in beautiful warm waters as beams of beautiful coloured light entered my body and seemed to spread peace and tranquility.

Pauline Clayton (Gold Coast)”


“I felt quite removed from the everyday world outside & cocooned in a very private space, felt deeply relaxed and centered, this feeling maintained through the next day.”

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