It is NAIDOC week here in Australia. The Indigenous Aborigines and Torres Strait cutures get together to celebrate their achievements over the past year and give kudos accordingly to outstanding individuals

I have had some close associations with Aboriginal people in my past, and even one past lifetime that came up during a therapy session with a lady who lives nearby, where I was a male Aboriginal in the 1800’s, in the same area where I currently live.

There was a lady Elder, who has since passed on, name of Lorraine Mafi-Williams, who I called upon to help with a dream. I dream’t of a dancing Aboriginal woman and the Indigenous flag was prominent and the costume worn. I explained it to her and she remarked “I recognize my ancestor in your dream. I will come and bless your land”. She came to the area in Bangalow where I worked at the time in a holistic meditation and yoga retreat, blessed it, told us about the plants and their uses, and that this was a lookout for seeing the tribes coming across the continent every 10 years for Corroboree. The tribes were identified by smoke in the distance. Men would arrive and use one section of beach near Byron Bay, for men’s business, and the women another section for woman’s business.

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